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Deluxe Baby Girl Wedge Anti Roll Nappy Baby Changing Mat with Curved Sides and Raised Edges - Fluffy Puffy Poly

 Changing Mat with Padded Raised Edges

Nurse your baby safely and with comfort. With our changing mat you can be sure that you are choosing the highest quality product, which is tested and certified.
Soft profiled COSY changing mat is something indispensable in every baby"s room, making nursing and hygiene of the child easy and pleasant. The changing mat is made of safe and high quality certified PVC foil, which is not only durable and resistant but also completely safe in contact with baby"s delicate skin. Product is filled with a soft filling that will provide comfort to the baby when nursing. A changing mat is designed to be placed on a chest of drawers or other stable surface.
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  • Easy wipe down PVC changing mat raised curved sides.
  • Soft Foam padding for baby's comfort.
  • Wipe - clean waterproof surface made from Soft textured PVC.
  • 100% Non- allergenic Foam & Cover.
  • Eko Inks , Safe PVC free of phthalates
  • Manufactured in EU in accordance with Health & Safety standards

Safety: Do not leave baby unattended whilst using a changing mat on a high surface.

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